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GJB Inc. invests in companies within niche sectors that offer innovative new technologies with potential for long term growth.

GJB Inc. has deep research knowledge in these sectors and undergoes a disciplined due diligence process with each opportunity. Through our affiliate SWB, we also invest in complex commercial real estate projects to diversify our assets and achieve shorter term, above market returns at exit.


GJB Inc. invests in small to mid-cap development phase biotechnology companies that are differentiated and have multiple avenues for growth. We target companies that are developing unique and patentable technology, giving them a competitive advantage and potential for substantial upside. In the past, GJB Inc. has invested in companies developing: 1) technology in the CAR-T cancer treatment space; 2) novel cancer treatment; and 3) technology for generic opioids that prevent abuse.

We select high quality and innovative development phase investment opportunities following a disciplined and thorough due diligence process, allowing GJB Inc. to mitigate downside risk. Development phase opportunities provide multiple avenues for substantial equity value growth over the product life cycle.


Recognizing the transformative role evolving technology plays in almost every aspect of our daily lives. GJB Inc. seeks outsized returns through investment in technology with disruptive potential. Improved efficiency and reduced costs are directly correlated with advancement in technology, providing a natural defensive position for our portfolio. Businesses must invest in technology or risk falling behind the competition. We view technology broadly and utilize managed closed end funds to invest in a wide variety of opportunities in this space.


Since 2012, in order to further diversify its portfolio, GJB Inc. has invested in numerous commercial real estate assets. Our real estate investment strategy has matured over time, and as a result, proven to generate substantial exit returns. SWB’s approach is highly disciplined and intensive, only selecting premium commercial properties in dynamic markets. We have a long history of partnering with a world class real estate team in Southwestern Texas, which has allowed us to leverage capital to invest in high quality properties in excellent locations. In 2018, GJB's executive team formed Southwest Beacon Investments in order to expand its network of select investors. As SWB continues to grow its network, we will pursue larger and more complex and lucrative commercial real estate opportunities that generate high exit returns over short time frames. To learn more about SWB, click here.


GJB Inc. invests selectively in companies that are developing unique technology for U.S. weapons systems. The US Defense Department continues to prioritize investments in advanced technology improvements to weapon systems. We invest in select technology companies that promise breakthrough capabilities on the battlefield. New technologies in this space are in high demand because governments rely on defense contractors and subcontractors for maintenance of their weapons systems. Rather than invest directly in large defense contractors, GJB Inc. invests in subcontractors developing specialty technology, allowing us to earn outsized returns.

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